JR music Supply offers a wide selection of bows to suit the needs of any player.

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J.T. Jet Carbon Fiber Bows

JR Music Supply is proud to introduce our own line of carbon fiber JT Jet bows. The bows are manufactured in China to exacting quality control standards, and have standard bow weights and great balance points. Fully lined ebony frogs with quality hardware and a Nickel wrap make this bow a great selection that will outplay bows twice the price.

Strings Magazine reviewed the JT Jet bows in one of their recent issues and called them “a remarkable value for the price” and noted they were “lively, responsive, easy to control, and draw a big, clear, if not too complex, tone out of the instrument”.

The JT Jet bow is priced well for students and rental outfits, but is frequently used by professionals as a secondary bow. The standard model is a solid stick of carbon fiber, while the deluxe model features a braided carbon fiber core which adds stiffness and control. There is also a hybrid model wrapped in quality pernambuco wood with a carbon graphite core, which adds sweetness and a layer of complexity to the tone, while offering the durability, control, and balance of the other carbon models.



JT Jet Bow – Sizes available 4/4-1/16jet bows violin-a

Item #: 551117

JT Jet Deluxe Bow –  Sizes available 4/4-1/16

Item #: 551118

JT Jet Hybrid Pernambuco-Graphite Bow

Item #: 551113



JT Jet Bowjet bows viola-a

Item #: 561117

JT Jet Deluxe Bow

Item #: 561118

JT Jet Hybrid Pernambuco-Graphite Bow

Item #: 561113



JT Jet Bow – Sizes available 4/4-1/2jet bows cello

Item #: 571117

JT Jet Deluxe Bow – Sizes available 4/4-1/2

Item #: 571118

JT Jet Hybrid Pernambuco-Graphite Bow

Item #: 571113



JT Jet Bow Frenchjet bows basse

Item #: 582117F

JT Jet Bow German

Item #: 582117

JT Jet Deluxe Bow French

Item #: 582118F

JT Jet Deluxe Bow German

Item #: 582118

Glasser Bows

GlasserGlasser is the world’s largest maker of bows and the standard for students. They are made of durable fiberglass with real horsehair and a leatherette grip. Parts and hardware also available.

The Glasser workshop has been based in New York City since 1938, and every bow comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.



Glasser Fiberglass Bow w/ Horsehair – Sizes available 4/4-1/32glasser bow-b

Item #: 551104



Glasser Fiberglass Bow w/ Horsehair – Available in fractional sizes 3/4-1/2

Item #: 561104



Glasser Fiberglass Bow w/ Horsehair – Sizes available 4/4-1/8

Item #: 571104



Glasser Bow French – Sizes available 3/4-1/8

Item #: 582102

Glasser Bow German – Sizes available 3/4-1/8

Item #: 582106

P&H Bows

P&H bows are a unique fiberglass model that you can re-hair yourself in minutes with a precision made hank of hair sized to fit our range of bows.


P&H Fiberglass Bow

Item #: 551107

P&H Hair Hank Kit

Item #: 551107H



P&H Fiberglass Viola Bow

Item #: 561107

P&H Hair Hank Kit

Item #: 561107Hrehairing kit



P&H Fiberglass Bow

Item #: 571107

P&H Hair Hank Kit

Item #: 571107H