Affordable Violas

Our range of affordable violas is designed with the student player in mind.

Unbeatable value for money is what we are aiming for.

Check out some of our fine student instruments.

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Sheng Liu #2 Viola

The Sheng Liu #2 is a well constructed Chinese viola made for beginning students and rental fleets. It features ebony fittings and a tailpiece with built-in fine tuners.

Sizes available: 16 1/2″, 16”, 15 1/2″, 15”, 14”, 13”, 12”


Item #: 521121

Sheng Liu #6 Viola

A finer student instrument, the Sheng Liu #6 is made by hand in a small workshop in China. Higher quality wood and fittings, and a beautiful French Rouge varnish make this one of JR’s best selling instruments.

Sizes available: 16”, 15 1/2″, 15”


Item #: 521103

Euro Basic Viola

The Euro line of instruments is made in Reghin, Romania using aged Carpathian maple and spruce, and features a unique antique oil varnish that is easy to maintain and looks great. There are four levels to choose from in the Euro line. With each level the wood quality increases, including more highly flamed maple and tighter grain spruce. These instruments are priced for beginning and intermediate students looking for a better instrument.

Sizes available:  16 1/2″, 16”, 15 1/2″, 15”, 14”, 13”, 12”, 11”

521067N-a 521067N-b 521067N-c

Item #: 521067N

Euro Standard Viola

Sizes available: 17”, 16 1/2″, 16”, 15 1/2″, 15”, 14”, 13”, 12”, 11”

521065N-a 521065N-b 521065N-c

Item #: 521065N

Euro Concert Viola

Sizes available: 17”, 16 1/2″, 16”, 15 1/2″, 15”

521060N-a 521060N-b 521060N-c

Item #: 521061N