Rare Instruments

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Rare Carved French Violin by Derazey

This unique violin has carved back, sides, and scroll. See pictures and Latin engraving and translation below.





DERAZEY, Justin Amédée – Born 1839, died 1890 Mirecourt France. Son and pupil of Honoré Derazey, above. Succeeded to the business of Nicolas fils 1884, after which his instruments also bear the brand of J. Nicolas. His work is generally inferior in quality to that of his father, with a thinner varnish and less consistent finish, but he was almost as prolific. Similar Stradivari-modelled work, using first class materials. His label continued in use, attached to commercial instruments made by Laberte in Mirecourt. Branded internally: ‘JD’. Printed label: Justin Derazey, Luthier / élève de Honoré Derazey / fait à Mirecourt, 1862. Justs Derazey, Luthier / à Mirecourt. Vosges.18. J. Derazey.

Rare French Violin by Eugene Langonet

LANGONET, Eugène – Born 1875 Mirecourt, Worked from 1910 Nantes France. Youngest brother of Charles François Langonet, above. Apprenticed at Chipot-Vuillaume and employed by Paul Mangenot before joining his brother at Hills in London. Subsequently returned to France to worked for Sylvestre and Maucotel in Paris. Established independently in Nantes from 1910. Silver medal at Nantes Exhibition 1924. Classical models with fine golden-brown varnish. Atelier E. Langonet / Luthier – Nantes – L’an 19.. Fait par Eugène Langonet / Luthier à Paris l’an 19.. Fait par Eugène Langonet / à Paris, l’an 1906

Rare French Violin by Leonidas Nadegini, circa 1928


NADEGNINI, Léonidas Born 1881 Ukraine, d. after 1938 Paris France. Son of Alessandro Nadegnini, above. Worked with F. Spidlen in Moscow. Established in Paris at 32 rue Legendre c.1910, moving to 104 rue des Dames 1912, and finally to 205 rue de Vanves 1918. Influential teacher. Gold medal winner in St Petersburg 1907. Copies of Guarneri and Serafin a speciality, but also followed other classical models; all with rich orange-brown varnish. Viola models developed with the advice of Maurice Vieux of the Paris Conservatoire. Also made fine double basses. Léonidas Nadegini; 205 ter Rue de Vanves / Paris 1927

Rare French Violin by Albert Deblaye, circa 1948


DEBLAYE, Albert Joseph Born 1874 Bouzemont, died 1929 Mirecourt France. Trained in Mirecourt and worked in Toulouse for Gautier 1897-1900, returning to Mirecourt to start a joint venture with H. Meunier, and employing P. Didier from 1922. Worked in the style of N. Vuillaume. Copies of instruments by Stradivari and other Cremonese makers, some with full coating of orange varnish, some shaded in ‘antique’ manner. Various grades, from ‘Deblaye soloist model’, ‘Deblaye artist model’, and the most prestigious ‘Italian’. Much of the work was carried out by assistants, partly machine cut, and finished to a greater or lesser extent by Deblaye himself. Branded, signed, and numbered. Fine quality

Rare French Violin by Jean Gosselin circa 1820-1830

51JGOSSELIN_front 51JGOSSELIN_back  51JGOSSELIN_scroll2

Certificate of Authenticity included with purchase.


GOSSELIN, Jean b. Bordeaux, Worked 1814-1851 Paris France. Pupil of Koliker in Paris. Stradivari model. Neat workmanship, elegant and refined. Fine golden-orange or red varnish. Frequently used bird’s-eye maple. He regarded himself as a dilettante, and it is thought that some of the work bearing his name was carried out by other Parisian or Mirecourtian craftsmen. fait par Gofselin amateur / Paris /Année 1821 Fait par Gosselin, luthier Paris année / 1830 Repare par Gofselin, Paris / 1827 Gosselin à Paris 1851 26e violon / fait par Gosselin Amateur / Paris 1828, ‘Baptiser le tigre’.

Rare French Violin by Paul Bailly (Sold out)

51 PBIALLY 00151 PBIALLY 00251 PBIALLY 003

French violin maker Paul Bailly was born in Mirecourt in 1844 and studied with Jules Gaillard and before working in Brussels for Nicolas François Vuillaume, and in Paris for his brother J.B. Vuillaume. Around 1880 he travelled to England, the United States, and back again to England before finally returning to France. Bailly settled in Paris for good in 1898, where he built a reputation as a skilled and prolific interpreter of various models, but most of all Stradivari. His cellos are on a fairly large pattern. Overall his instruments, which number more than 3,000, are appreciated for their excellent tonel qualities and often bear a dark red varnish. Bailly’s daughter Jenny inherited the shop after his death in 1907, and was probably the first well-known French female luthier.

Rare French Violin by Amedee Dieudonne – Guarneri Model circa 1945

51DIEUDONNE_front2 51DIEUDONNE_back2 51DIEUDONNE_scroll2

Certificate of Authenticity is included with purchase.


DIEUDONNÉ, Amédée Dominique Born 1890, Worked from 1920 Mirecourt France. Pupil of Bazin. Worked for Darche in Brussels. Established in Mirecourt from 1920. Employed Eugène Maucotel. Copies of various classical models with shaded spirit varnish of good colour and clarity.