Violin/Viola Cases

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Dart Shaped Foam Case

Our lowest priced option, the dart shaped foam case features a lightweight frame and backpack straps, along with interior and exterior pockets.

softshapeRB-a softshapeRB-c

Dart Shaped Wood Frame Case

A high quality case priced for students and rental instruments, this case is made of durable canvas with a wood frame. The interior is well padded and features a hygrometer, two bow holders, and room for accessories. The outside zipper pocket is large enough to hold music or other products.

Available in fractional sizes 3/4-1/16.

711720-a  711720-n711720-c

Item #: 711020 / 721020


Deluxe Oblong Case

This high quality case offers the most protection of our line of cases. It features a thick exterior canvas available in black, blue, gray, and brown. The interior has a hygrometer, four bow holders and multiple large pockets for a shoulder rest, strings rosin, and other accessories. The viola model is adjustable to precisely fit many instrument sizes.

711300 711300BK-a 711300BK-c


721300 721300BK-a 721300BK-c

Item #: 711300 / 721300