Calin Wultur

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Humble Beginnings

The Calin Wultur Workshop was established in 1996 by two luthiers and a handful of collaborators working in their homes. Today, they have their own building and a team of over 35 craftsmen skilled in all aspects of violin making, led by Master Luthier Calin Wultur.

They make all instruments in the classical, traditional wayby hand with the help of modern tools.

Video: A Double Bass Story – Calin Wultur Workshop, Romania

Quality Materials and Expert Staff

All woods used are of Romanian-Carpathian origin, cut by the staff of the Calin Wultur Workshop and carefully selected and properly seasoned.

The workshop is currently hosting two master luthiers from Poland to steadily improve the quality of the instruments and create new models. The resulting quality is significantly higher than anything coming out of other Romanian shops.

Aged  Carpathian maple and spruce, superb European workmanship,  careful graduations, German spirit varnish, and first class  setup combine to give you a European alternative which will  compete with anything at the price point. In short, there  are simply no instruments out there quite like Calin Wultur.

Pictures From The Workshop


Calin Wultur instruments:

Mid-Range Violins

Mid-Range Violas

Mid-Range Cellos

Calin Wultur Basses

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