Accessories and Parts

As musicians ourselves, we appreciate how important the right accessories can be for the dedicated player. We provide high quality accessories at affordable prices and we are continually searching to improve our range and bring you the best and latest products.

Accessories Fittings
  • Rosin
  • Shoulder Rests
  • Mutes
  • Slip-stops / Endpin Anchors
  • Humidifiers
  • Peg Compound
  • Polish
  • Soundpost Setters
  • Tuning Forks / Pitch Pipes
  • Chin Comforters

And more (see full catalog)

  • Bridges
  • Tuners
  • Chin Rests
  • Tailpieces
  • Pegs
  • Fingerboards
  • Endbuttons
  • Endpins
  • Tailguts
  • Machine Heads
  • Sound Post Stock
  • Nuts and Saddles

Violin Tone Wood & White Instruments

carpathian mountainsFor the discerning instrument maker, JR Music Supply offers some of the industry’s finest materials for making and customizing your instruments.

From the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe comes high quality spruce and maple wood ideal for violinmaking. JR Music Supply imports wood sets for violin and cello with highly figured maple and tight, even grained spruce. We stock wood aged no less than five years, often up to ten years old.

Violins, violas, and cellos “in the white” come from our Calin Wultur Workshop in Romania. These instruments are created to the same strict specifications as the Model #7 instruments, with lightly graduated top plates, fitted fingerboards, and beautifully flamed maple.


Aubert Bridges

bridgesAubert Bridges, made in Mirecourt, France since 1864, represent some of the finest bridges in the industry. JR Music Supply stocks bridges for violin, viola, cello, and bass in all sizes and qualities.

Quality: Model Name: Violin/Viola: Cello: Bass:
Student Etude 5 14 20
Intermediate Mirecourt 7 16 n/a
Professional Luxe 8 18 21
higly flamed,
softer maple
Super Luxe 8SL 18SL 22SL
highly flamed
De Luxe 8L 18L 22L

Other options include adjustable, low heart, French/Belgian, foot width in mm, treated or non-treated, and fractional sizes.

Bow Hair

Siberian Stallion Hair III

JR Music Supply provides the finest quality Siberian and Mongolian horse hair at various lengths for bow rehairs. They come in one pound bundles in unbleached white, gray, or black. These are strong horse hairs of consistent thickness, and are used by experts and shops around the world.

The tail hair from horses in the colder northern and southern regions is considered the best, as the climate results in thicker and stronger hair. The gender of the horse also comes into consideration, as the stallion hair is cleaner than mare hair. White hairs are preferred for violin and viola because they are usually smoother and finer in texture; the darker colored hair is often used for bass bows. Once gathered from the horse, the hairs go through a two step cleaning process before it is inspected for size, split ends and other irregularities before it is bundled and shipped.


JR Music Supply carries the highest quality Ebony, Boxwood, and Rosewood tailpieces, in addition to inexpensive Aluminum and Carbon models. Other brands include Wittner, Wittner Ultra, Weidler Akusticus, and more.

tail pieceswittner ultra vnAkusticus tailpiece 01

Chin Rests

chin restsHigh quality ebony, boxwood, and rosewood as well as cheaper plastic, and ebonite chin rests are available for all sizes of violin and viola. Styles include Guarneri, Stradivarius, Kaufman, Hill, Flatsch, Schmidt, andwitt chin rest others. JR Music Supply also carries Wittner chin rests.

Please see our full catalog or call your sales representative today for pricing and availability.


Chromatic Clip Tuner

CT-22The Cherry CT-22 is a light weight, compact tuner, flexible to fit on all string instruments and is user friendly.


  • 12 note full range chromatic tuner
  • A4 calibration: 420 – 460 Hz
  • Tuning range of A2 – A7
  • LED indication light and LCD illumination panel that is very bright and easy to read

Bass Machine Heads and Bridge Wheels

For shops and luthiers who specialize in double bass work, we carry bass-specific accessories that enhance the sound and playability of any instrument. Rubner and other brand machine heads and bridge wheels are available in various sizes, materials, and specifications.

Machine Heads 010   Machine Heads 006   Machine Heads 012

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