Master Cellos

While JR Music Supply sells instruments at all price ranges, our master instruments are where we truly excel.

All of these instruments are handmade in Poland and bear the name of their maker. JR Music has a personal relationship with each of these makers, and we are the exclusive distributors of these products in the U.S. and Canada.

Featuring some of the best workmanship Europe has to offer, these violins each have a unique sound and beauty.

All master cellos include Larsen A & D and Spirocore Tungsten C & G strings.

Trial periods are available; please call your sales representative to try one today.

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Pawel Migiel Cello

Pawel Migiel was born in Zakopane, Poland in 1982, and his affinity for the violin and its construction started as a child. After finishing his schooling, he went to work as an apprentice to Wojciech Topa, with whom he still works.

He builds violins, violas, and cellos in the patterns of Italian masters including Antonio Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesu, and Matteo Gofriller. Although still young, his instruments are rapidly gaining reputation around the world, and are sought after by students and mature musicians alike.

531284-a 531284-b

Item #: 531284

Tomasz Kowalski Cellos

Tomasz Kowalski first pursued his passion for instrument making as an apprentice to world-renowned luthier Jan Bobak. When he sufficiently mastered his art, he opened his own workshop in Nowy Targ. Since that time, his instruments have gained great critical acclaim in many exhibitions and have been sold to fine young performers in Europe and North America. His son continues his tradition, working side by side with his father, especially on the instruments in the Workshop category.


Tomasz Kowalski Cello – Workshop Model

531279-a 531279-c

Item #: 531279

Jan Szlachtowski Cellos

Jan Szlachtowski was born in 1951 in Nowy Targ, Poland, where he lives and works today. In 1970he finished the Technical College of Violin Making in Nowy Targ where he worked under the direction of the senior Polish Master, Józef Bartoszek. He refined his violin making skills at the William H. Lee workshop in Chicago, where he worked from 1987-1988.

Szlachtowski Workshop Cello

Stradivarius and Guarneri models available.

531251-a 531251-b 531251-c

Item #: 531251


Jan Szlachtowski – Stradivarius Model Cello – 7/8 Size

Item #: 531252


Jan Szlachtowski – Stradivarius Model Cello – 3/4 Size

Item #: 532250


Jan Szlachtowski – Gofriller Model Cello

531250-a 531250-b 531250-c

Item #: 531250


Jan Szlachtowski – Grancino Model Cello

Item #: 531250N


Jan Szlachtowski – Guadagnini Model Cello

531250G-a 531250G-b 531250G-c

Item#: 531250G


Jan Szlachtowski – Montagnana Model

Item #: 531250M


Jan Szlachtowski – Rogier Model

Item #: 531250R

Maciej Lacek Cello

Maciej Lacek is a master luthier and member of the Polish Violin Makers Association. He is the son and graduate student of Jan Lacek, a well respected luthier who founded the Luthier School Institute in Nowy Targ, Poland. The incredible talent and knowledge that he gained from working with his father from an early age is reflected by creating instruments that have remarkable tone, response, and projection, as well as great beauty in workmanship and varnish. His craftsmanship is becoming more and more popular all over the world and his instruments are being critically acclaimed by players and collectors. Many concertmasters, leading players and symphony orchestra musicians who perform regularly in United States, Western Europe and especially in Poland are playing on Mr. Lacek’s instruments.

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Item #: 531240

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