Mid-Range Violins

For the more discerning player or advancing student, JR Music carries a line of intermediate instruments at great price points for retail stores. Featuring higher quality and better aged wood, these instruments are made by hand in small workshops in China and Romania.

Calin Wultur Violins


The Calin Wultur Workshop is a group of string instrument makers in Reghin, Romania, led by Calin Wultur. It produces instruments that are unique in the world for their workmanship and tone relative to their price. As time has progressed along with economic progress, traditional European centers of luthierie such as France and Germany, that once produced instruments on a commercial level that were of high quality, have grown largely uncompetitive with other regions such as Eastern Europe. Reghin’s tradition of luthierie does reach back for some time, but, with the exception of a number of talented, individual makers, mainly as a center for factory instruments. The Wultur workshop cannot objectively be categorized as a factory – the work done is largely by hand, and the number of workers is less than thirty. European wood, workmanship, and tradition coupled with economically advantageous locale make Calin Wultur a unique value in string instruments. In recent years, the Calin Wultur workshop has been home to some of our Polish luthiers to hand apply varnish, creating Limited Edition instruments with a unique look and feel. All Calin Wultur instruments include a set of Thomastik Dominant strings.

Calin Wultur #5 – Stradivarius Model

Item #: 511233

Calin Wultur #5 – Guarneri Model

511233G-a 511233G-b 511233G-c

Item #: 511233G

Calin Wultur #6 – Stradivarius Model

511215-a 511215-b 511215-c

Item #: 511215

Calin Wultur #6 – Guarneri Model

Item #: 511215G

Calin Wultur #7 – Stradivarius Model

Item #: 511234

Calin Wultur #7 – Guarneri Model

Item #: 511234G

Calin Wultur #7 L.E. – Stradivarius Model 

(Laci Varnish Pictured)

511234L-a 511234L-b 511234L-c

Item #: 511234NG/L

Calin Wultur #7 L.E. – Guarneri Model

(Andres Varnish Pictured)

511234GNG-a 511234GNG-b 511234GNG-c

Item #: 511234GNG/L

Yang Kai Violins

Custom made by Chinese luthiers using JR’s own aged European Maple and Spruce wood, these instruments use the finest materials and craftsmanship to create an instrument of superb quality.

Master Yang Kai Violin – Guarneri Model

Item #: 511185G

Master Yang Kai Violin – Stradivarius Model

511185-a 511185-b 511185-c

Item #: 511185

Sheng Liu Europa #14

Item #: 511180

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