Over the years we have had many appreciative comments from satisfied customers, here are a few examples:

It’s Truly an Outstanding Instrument in Every Regard

Elisabeth Steeves recently shared a video https://youtu.be/H4U4BMZktR8 of her playing the Wultur 5 string Bass.   “I’m a big fan of 5-string basses, but even so, most of them sound dull and flabby.  This one is off the hook and truly an outstanding instrument in every regard, and inconceivable how great it’s going to sound when it matures!  Another smash hit from your workshop.  I would really like to meet those folks one day!  In addition to their great stock instruments, every time we’ve have asked for something custom, it has turned out to be really terrific.  We appreciate that more than it’s possible to say!!”

– Elisabeth Steeves, Bass player.

“Deep and Rich Tone with Superb Projection”

Product review of a Lacek Cello from dealer V.A. Hill: “This beautiful cello was made in 2011 by Maciej Lacek in Nowy Targ, Poland. Even though this instrument is new, it has a warm, deep and rich tone with superb projection. This cello has a slender neck making it very easy to play. It would suit an advanced student or a young professional. Lacek’s craftsmanship is becoming more and more popular all over the world and is being critically acclaimed by players and collectors alike. His instruments are played in many of the larger orchestras all across Europe.”

“Among the Finest Instruments Being Made in the World Today”

a cavallo“Wojciech Topa is considered to be the most outstanding practitioner of violin making in Poland today. Many of his instruments are played in major orchestras, including the Cleveland orchestra and the Atlanta Symphony. His shop is in Zakopane, Poland. he sets the highest standards for wood choice and workmanship, and his instruments always are dramatic in sound. His work has the exacting character of the German school, but has the lyric human quality of the Italians. These violins are among the finest instruments being made in the world today!”

– product review from dealer A. Cavallo Violins

“The Best New String on the Market Today…”

kensmithbasses_logo2Bassist Ken Smith on Eurosonic Bass Strings: “They bow smooth, loud and deep and Pizz with a thickness better than most regular steel Jazz strings. They feel almost like Olivs under the fingers and stay in tune better. They bow close to the Olivs and Jargars and better than Obligatos. I have them on my Bisiach and I personally vote them as the best new string on the market today.

“Excellent Balance and a Strong Open Voice”

linda westProduct review of a Calin Wultur Guarneri #6 Cello from dealer Linda West: “This is a really nice cello. Easy to play, very open and responsive. Good for young, yet serious, cellist looking for a lot of bang for the buck. These Guarneri patterned cellos have excellent balance and a strong open voice throughout the register. Recommended for intermediate to advanced players.”

“Best-Performing Bow We’ve Ever Found Under $100”

electric violinProduct review of JT Jet Bows from dealer Electric Violin Shop: “The J.T.  Jet carbon fiber violin bow is the best-performing bow we’ve ever found under $100. It pulls a great tone from both acoustic and solid-body electric instruments, and is very light and quick in the hand. Balance and feel are comparable to wood bows at least three times as expensive.”

“I Am Delighted…”

“Just a ‘thank you’ for the prompt service I received from your company JR Music Supply and Roydon Music in Brandon, FL. I am delighted in the sound I get from the Calin Wultur #6 Violin and the workmanship is top-notch.  I would recommend the Calin Wultur Violins to anyone and have already done so. The claims in your website are well founded and accurate.”

-customer, Thomas H. Yeagern

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